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Join NACE New England Ethics
As a condition precedent to admission to membership of NACE, candidates for membership agree to abide by this code of ethics. Failure to maintain compliance herewith shall be cause for expulsion of any member, following due process as provided in the bylaws of the association. Your application received on-line and accepted by NACE certifies that you have read and agreed to this condition.


  • Members shall at all times conduct themselves and their professional activities in conformance with the laws of the land.
  • Members shall keep the concerns of their clients foremost in mind in the conduct of their business consistent with the objectives of their employers.
  • Members shall continuously work to improve their knowledge and skills to the benefit of their clients, themselves, NACE and the organization they represent.
  • Members will have sympathetic understanding of the problems of fellow members. This understanding is a unifying and strengthening force.
  • Members shall transact all business on behalf of the association in accordance with the bylaws, policies and procedures manual, laws of the land and this code of ethics.
  • Members shall not engage in activities harmful to the purpose of NACE, or use their position in the association to exploit personal views.
  • Members shall devote themselves to giving of their time and talent to the communities in which they live, work and play, without regard to rewards therefrom.
  • Members shall encourage promising persons to enter the profession of catering and to grow therein to become the best in their chosen profession.
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